Comercia Portfolio Template


Comercia is a Highly Customizable website template. Buttons will size dynamically with text change. Styles are centralized and all coloring, background images for each version are split into a separate css file.

4 Styles to choose from


  • jQuery
  • jCarousel Lite jQuery plugin
  • Superfish jQuery plugin
  • Validate jQuery plugin
  • rightClick jQuery plugin
  • Easing jQuery plugin
  • Fancybox jQuery plugin
  • UI Tabs jQuery plugin
  • Custom Ajax powered by jQuery
  • Cufon for Font replacement
  • DD_belatedPNG fix

Working Forms!

Comercia has working Forms which save the data to a csv file. It is accessible through a make-shift login screen. Take me to Login


Why save to CSV file?

Why not… sending an email to yourself with the contact information will only mean you will need to take the information and save it some where else anyways… why not save the data first and always have access at anytime. This will help you manage the contacts without needing a full fledged CMS application anyways. Be operational from the get go…

In addition, you can take the list and use a email service to upload your csv file to send newsletters.

Dynamic Buttons

what the heck are dynamic buttons… well instead of making all buttons the same size as the background for text, I made the buttons so they will scale to a larger size to handle large text. This means you can not only use words like “save”, “edit”, “update” but also phrases like “super cali fraji listic expi alu docious” or “Im awesome”.

Still dont get it?

Check out my Buttons Demo

Font used is Steinem. Can be found here:

Please feel free to rate for future work… Thanks!


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Hey, my name is Sumon, I am a Bangladeshi YouTuber, blogger, actor, and many more. Thanks for reading this article.

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